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This is not Anne Lamott.


Dear Anne Lamott,

I’m nuts about your writing and want to be you when I grow up, except for, maybe, the dreadlocks. (I have an odd-shaped head.)

But you hear that all the time, the nuts part. You have fans and students and you’re no stranger to the NY Times Best Seller List.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I fought serious Friday evening traffic in Atlanta to see you speak. We skipped dinner to get there on time. But it was worth it, because we got the last two seats on the balcony. You filled the room, Annie, and you were witty and brave and gritty, and you told the truth, just as you do in your books.

And then a young man stood up to the mike and asked if good writing could still stand on its own, and you shared the bad news about the necessary evils of social media and developing a platform, and you likened the New York publishing world to breaking into Hollywood. My face fell as I pictured myself as a disillusioned waitress in an L.A. diner, a greasy joint right off the freeway, perhaps, and I felt my friend looking at me out of the corner of her eye.

I think she was worried I was going to jump off that balcony.

Maybe I should have, because then someone might’ve captured the whole thing on their iPhone, and the YouTube video would’ve gone viral, and—presto—the aspiring author with the broken legs would have a platform. Publishing houses would come clamoring for my books, and I’d get to be driven around on one of those beeping carts at the airport for my big trip to the Big Apple.

But, as it is, I played it safe and kept my seat, and my writing career pretty much reads like a sad Billy Joel song. And so it goes.

The thing is, I’m still holding out for a 20th Century Fox ending. I built this blog, and yesterday it got four views. But that’s better than the day before, when there was one—and I’m pretty sure that was my mom. Brick by brick, my friend, or shall I say bird by bird?

See you on the best seller list.




4 thoughts on “Dear Anne Lamott

  1. Martina says:

    Hello Laura, I am not your mother… But I love your new blog and your “new” voice. Meant to congratulate you all the time.
    Just keep it going, all your writing, and please don’t do spectacular things for the wrong reasons! I loved the excerpts from “Helen” and I am sure some day some publisher will, too.
    I enjoyed your christmas pieces on your old blog and am so glad you are writing here again.
    Have a lovely and meaningful holiday, Martina


    1. Laura Boggs says:

      I am so glad to hear from you, Martina. Your blog is beautiful. Thank you for your encouraging words about mine. And, no, I will not do anything spectacular, like jumping off a church balcony. Have a wonderful Christmas. (Frohe Weihnachten.) I would love to read about some of your Christmas traditions and recipes.


  2. Elizabeth Chambers says:

    You’re my hero, Laura Boggs and your truth resonates deeply with me. Keep the faith; your treasure is elsewhere.


    1. Lee says:

      I’m really enjoying your new blog, Laura! (And I love Anne Lamott too – saw her speak in Charlotte last year.)


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