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So during my recovery days, I’ve unsubscribed from annoying emails (sorry, Forever 21); organized my CDs (classical, standards and a very small box marked “other”); and nearly abused my public library privileges. I’ve even pulled an Edith Wharton a few times, taking tea in bed and writing the morning away. (If I call tapping away on my laptop—with shameless bed-hair and my “Jesus Loves Me But I Drink A Little” t-shirt—pulling an EW, it feels better. Imagination, my friends.)

Edith Wharton bed

EW’s bed at The Mount

I get a little put out with my lack of stamina and my body’s need to be horizontal, but then someone knocks on the door with a homemade meal, and it’s all good. The spouse even scrubbed the bathtub this afternoon. (After I slathered it in Scrubbing Bubbles and handed him a brush. “This thing?” he said, holding the scrubber like he’d never seen such an object before.) But he muscled up on the job, and the tub is gleaming.

Not a bad life, huh? I don’t recommend surgery, but if you have to… savor the aftermath as much as you can.

Y’all, I even have a bell next to my bed.

Here are some of the good things that have happened at our house lately:

ensemble cest tout

I splurged and rented this for $2.99 on Amazon in the wee hours of the morning. I fell in love with this movie (not hard: Audrey Tautou, a handsome stranger who cooks, a grand Parisian apartment—note the Art Nouveau bathroom). The title translates, roughly, to “Together is all.” I’m such a sucker for stories of unlikely friendships. (In fact, I realized that my 2 2/3 novels are just that.) The next evening, the family watched the film. (Don’t judge—my girls are 18). The credits rolled and we decided to try our hands at crepes. (It’s a pity I was wearing sweats for our impromptu party, but I did dab on a little lipstick.) And so at 11 p.m. we had ourselves a feast of browned butter crepes, dressed with Grand Marnier-sweetened whipped cream, dark chocolate sauce and orange peel. We sauteed and whisked and caramelized listening to my “other” category CD, “Left Bank Groove,” a goofy collection of songs you might catch yourself tapping your foot to while sifting through the sale rack at Anthropologie.

Thinking ahead to the two weddings Luke and I will attend on the day of our twenty-second anniversary, I shopped Modcloth and came up not with a dress but with shoes that make me smile. (No, I’m not on pain meds.) I don’t know what I’ll be wearing, but it will have to go with blue sparklies… I’m already hearing “Dancing Queen.”

blue sparkly shoes

Am I too old for these? Wait, don’t answer that.

Just thinking about trading flip flops for these makes me feel all fancy-pantsy.

Well, that was a whole lot of fluff. I recommend the writing in bed and the movie—and most definitely the bell. But don’t you dare order the shoes. (I know you’re dying for some blue glitter in your life…)





9 thoughts on “Lady of Leisure

  1. Erin Neiner says:

    I just love your Edith Wharton references. I can’t say I’m a huge reader of hers, and my tea in bed typically includes watching an old episode of Downton Abby over juggling writing, but The Mount, (EW’s home) is not far from us and it is a divine place to visit and roam through her gardens.

    Also, you have introduced me to a new Audry Tautou movie…!!!! Maybe I should make crepes beforehand to go with the movie??? TY.


    1. Laura Boggs says:


      Good to hear from you. We visited The Mount a few falls ago in its autumn glory. Yes, eat crepes! Have you seen “Delicacy” with A.T.? That’s one of my favs…


  2. Mcd says:

    I am not sure about those shoes.


  3. Bridget says:

    I want to live at your house, Laura. Love your soul!


    1. Laura Boggs says:

      Come on! Do you scrub bathtubs?


  4. Diane Horrigan says:

    All females deserve some glitter in life. All. No age restrictions. Mentally hear not only “Dancing shoes”, but also “I feel pretty, oh, so pretty”. Its all good as long as you don’t out sparkle the brides.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hello Laura I would like to take this time to introduce myself I ran across your blog last week. There is something particularly funny about your blog so I decided to subscribe to it. I do like humor so I imagine I would like your blog as well. Have a blessed day. Keep writing comedy laughter is good medicine.


    1. Laura Boggs says:

      Welcome! I’m not going to ask if you mean funny-peculiar or funny-ha-ha. Glad you’re here. Bless you back!


      1. Funny haha of course kind of like The Three Stooges Meats Jane Eyre or Ann Landers. Stay blessed


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