Huckleberry Friend

We're after the same…


I’m so grateful for the loyalty and support of YOU, dear readers. More than I can say, I look forward to continuing to journal in this space and to grow and nurture Huckleberry Friend. Writing is how I play.

But I’m burying the lead:

Blogosphere, beware: Introducing a lovely new website by yours truly and my friend and writing partner, the talented Lanier Ivester (and her remarkably clever husband, Philip Ivester).

Here’s an excerpt, written by Lanier,

….We’ve got a lot of shared Christmases under our belts, don’t we, Laura-est of Lauras? But there’s a theme running through them all: Let’s do this thing up as fine and beautifully and sacrificially as we know how, because He came. But let’s keep one another on the straight-and-narrow of the Good Stuff: real peace, genuine love, and incarnational joy.

Golden Hours is a quiet corner of the web that celebrates and inspires all things Christmas, from two wildly old-fashioned romantics with a pinch of OCD. Please stop and stay a while…



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