Huckleberry Friend

We're after the same…

hammock me

How do you do? Delighted you’re here.

I’m Laura, writer. Writing is what I do because I like it and I’m not particularly suited for anything else. I used to Not Write. I was so busy being a responsible adult, I forgot how to play. Now I play, and I’m less responsible but much happier.

I’m the wife of a writer and the mother of twin 18-year-old budding writers and a 14-year-old autistic daughter, Sadie, who likes books. Sometimes Sadie likes to cuddle up and be read to; other times she likes to put books in her mouth. We all have our preferences.

The Boggs live in one of the last rural sections of metro Atlanta in a little white house, where we do nerdy stuff and some normal stuff and take care of one wholly illiterate hound.

I blog for the Huffington Post, which, as you’ve likely noticed, is a little edgy. So there’s that. But then there’s INFJ me, who wants to hide under the covers rather than networking, maximizing SEO, or reading snarky Internet comments.

We won’t talk politics here, or sports. And definitely not how to DIY anything.

I keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge in case something spectacular happens, like the the call from my literary agent about a publisher picking up one of my books. Does bubbly, like wine, improve with age? I don’t think so.

But I like to think I do.


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