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We're after the same…


This isn’t me. The woman in this photo looks stumped. I don’t get stumped.

College isn’t cheap, and, 18 years ago, we had to go and have twins (and smart ones, at that).

It’s time–I am building my freelance writing, editing and polishing business, brick by (virtual) brick. So far, clients have ranged from a large staffing group to a local horse farm to a media productions company.

So maybe your business’ newest project is crying out for a wordsmith, or you’re concerned your e-newsletter is falling flat, or, worse yet, going unread. Perhaps you need a video script but have no idea where to start, or you simply need someone to help you tell your story.

Help is here. Before blogging, I had a Serious professional life–at p.r. agencies, for newspapers, for business clients. I believe all writing should be accessible and interesting, and, in most cases, downright captivating. As an editor, journalist and public relations specialist, I’ve written on a myriad of topics and am accustomed to learning about a subject and then creating clear, meaningful (i.e. fabulous) content.

For more about how to access freelance services, please visit

(Advertisement over. We now return to our (ir)regularly scheduled blogging…)




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