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  1. Laura, hi there. I have been following your work for a while now and wanted to know how much I appreciate your voice. I have a brainstorm and a favor. The favor is wondering if you have Lanier’s email. The contact form on her blog is being wonky and I wrote a piece on my blog this week about her. I’d like to email it to her if I can.
    I also wanted to discuss the book I’m releasing (self-published) in October about the Christmas season. Perhaps it would be a consideration for the lovely Golden Hours space??
    Oddly reaching out through cyber-space here; hope we can connect. My email is Thanks so much.


  2. Christina "Tina" Kirk says:

    I enjoyed your recent Guideposts article to which I could most certainly relate! lol – It reminded me of a time when I learned an important lesson about sarcasm in a church sermon many years ago. The topic was “Love,” and to provide contextual background, the pastor reminded us of the three words the Greeks use for “Love,” (agape’, philios, and eros). Within that same context, the pastor explained the origins of the word “sarcasm,” which comes from the root word in Greek, “sarcos.” Its literal translation is “the tearing of flesh.” Imagine how I reacted to that…I, a master of sarcasm. Ever since, I have been much more aware of my sarcastic sense of humor and have tried to be more selective of what I say and when I say it. Certainly a challenge, even after more than 25 years ago. As an English teacher, every year an occasion presents itself for me to share with my students the lesson I learned. Hopefully, it makes a difference in their young lives as they develop and grow into responsible and caring young adults. 🙂 – Tina Kirk, Mill Creek (Seattle area), WA


    1. Laura Boggs says:

      Good to hear from you, Tina. Yikes — the tearing of flesh! It is always useful to look at the origin of words, isn’t it? Glad you shared!


  3. Wilma Paris says:

    I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your article in Guidepost about you and your daughter. I also wanted to let you know that I taught Luke at Chesnut Elementary in either first or second grade.


    1. Laura Boggs says:

      Wow! I will have to tell him you sent me a line. I appreciate it. I know all about his Chestnut days. He’s less of a troublemaker now!


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