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I’m a glutton for rejection, so I (again) submitted a piece to the Huffington Post in March. But, this time, the HP gods did the unexpected: they published me.

Needless to say, we went for cocktails.

I haven’t made millions (or a dime) blogging for HP, but I’m having a ball. Then there was the piece I almost didn’t submit. (I feel totally unworthy to write on the topic of race. Which I totally am.) But the little piece that almost got double-deleted received 3.1K FB Likes in a few days. So, naturally, I emailed the HP editors and said, Um, I think there’s been a mistake. I’m more of a 31-Like writer. But the darnedest thing: 3.1K crazy souls actually bothered to hit the FB smiley, which we all know takes tremendous time and energy.

Sally Field Oscar


I’m trying not to let it go to my head. But I’m also hoping lightening will strike twice. Or three times…

All my HP pieces can be found here. And there’s a handy little button accompanying each article on HP that allows you to follow me on Huff Post.


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